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Military Orders, PanO Fusiliers and Mooks

Work was really challenging my ability to stick to painting one mini, so I instead was bouncing around and painting all kinds of things. Finally finished a bunch of them though so they’re all going to go in one big post! The first set was some stripped and repainted Fusiliers from the PanO starter box.…

5 Parsecs from Home – Setup

In the never ending march of Sci-fi rules, a new release of an existing game caught my eye on DriveThruRPG. 5 Parsecs from Home has apparently been a thing for a while, but was only just very recently released in a quasi 2nd edition by Modiphius. Being it is explicitly written for solo/co-op play, I…

Swords of Etune – Mission 3

Previous Mission “This is Field Marshal Rege Guezal, calling for immediate evac.” The sounds of shouting and gunfire rang out down the hallway behind 1st squad. Flashes of light briefly illuminated the area whose lights had been extinguished by the Swords.  “This is Field Marshal Rege Guezal, again calling for immediate evac. The specimen wasn’t…

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